Work Day Report For

16th July 2011. (Re-arranged Workday)

After the previous workday had to be canceled due to flooding, we re-arrange for a workday to take place today.

Pressure was on, due to the VIP foot and wdindow panels had to be re-fitted ready for the carpet people to measure up and fit

the following week.

Just after we arrived and getting ready to get cracking.

Steve preparing a large windows panel, to take its new glass.

Preparing to fit the last of the roof panels.  This one being a brand new one.

The new roof panel being fitted into place, which was no easy task!!!

Mel, putting the finsihing touches to the last panel on one side of the VIP.

Now onto the second side, the new foot panels being tried for fit.

We had less than 3 hours to get the VIP completed at this time, we didnt think we could do it.


Securing the first panel into place, ready to take its window frame.

All the foot wall panels in place, ready for securing.  It was not hot really!!!!

A nice fit for them all.

Getting the window panels ready.

The first panel on the second side going into place.

Now that we have got the knack for fitting the window panels, progress is swift.

Securing the new window panels to the foot panels.

The final panel in place and being secured by Mel.

Finishing touches and making sure everything is secure.

The final panel, with fixings, note the end vinal fitted also.

The new VIP lounge swept out and ready for carpet fitting, first time its been empty for 11 years.

Note, the holes in the floor, two for each seat, and the rubber mounts at the far end.

The other end view.  Note, both screens are now fully operational.

Final job for the day, to remove the ait vent, so that the carpet people can work around it.

Below is a collection of short video clips of the new VIP lounge.

Clip 1 , Clip 2 , Clip 3 , Clip 4 , Clip 5 , Clip 6


Very hot and exhausted, we finished just in time, a good job all round.

An extra workday is now arrange for the 30th July.

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