Workday Report for Friday 15th October 2010

APT-E Support Group

To aid in the preperation for the group re-launch in November we carried out a few jobs on the train.

Firstly, we made a permanent power supply and cabling for the nose lights.

These are connect to the buildings BMS, so will come on when the rest of the building lights do.

E train has had no identity since the re-spray in 2004, time to fix that I think!

Also the old masking tape on the nose has been an eye sore for sometime, time to remove it......

Tim going a great job and getting the nose back into a good looking condition.

Tims dad came to lend a hand, NICE POSE!!!!

The newly painted decals, just waiting for them to dry......... Couldn't wait to see the end result.

And here it is, not perfect, but not bad................. E train has her identity back.

Another view.

I could just about see the old decals, but it was difficult.

Another view.

Looking good, note the new supports for the display board, self standing now.  Thanks all at Locomtion for this.

End of a good day, E train looks so much different with the lights on and the new decals.

In The Cab. 

Also, we fitted a hidden mini PC in the powercar, and fitted some speakers on the rear cab bulkhead with a power cable

that comes out from under the train.  What happens when you plug it in..........................

The intercom tapes from the record run play in the cab, sounds really good.

Just need to secure the speakers better before the main event in November.

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