Working Weekend during the 15th May 2004.

During this workday we tried to re-fit the vent panels on PC2, but due to a lack of equipment at the NRM, we couldn't.

So, we started work on the restoration of the bogies, along the whole train.

The new look APT-E, 75% re-painted.  PC1 and TC1.

A brilliant job, nearly as good as new.

A nice shot of the train, GLEAMING IN THE SUN.

The silver has been done on PC2, but no blue as yet.

Jacqui working on one of the bogies.

Mr Penny removing one of the rotten air spring covers.

Errrrrr, what a mess under the air spring cover.

Sadly PC1 isn't in a good state of repair, even though they are painting it!!!!!

Tim and myself working on how we could re-fit the vents, without the right tools.

Myself with PC1 and TC1, what a nice paint job.

I think this shows the finish, brilliant.....

The rust treated ET/1 bogie, these too are getting a coat of paint, or so we are told!

Thanks to Adam for the last 4 shots, cheers.

See adams excellent web site at :

Next workday is the 19th June 2004.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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