Weekend during the 15th March 2003.

Top priority for this work day was to re-fit the VIP window frame and glass in TC1, removed last time.

Work was also undertaken to make the cab ready for the NRM CAB-IT 2003 event in two weeks time.

Mr Penny making some braising to hold the partly re-fitted window frame in place.

Another pot rivet goes into place.


Slow but steady progress to re-fit the window frame in the VIP lounge in TC1.

Team members talking about the steps project and work continues on the window.

These are going to make a good new set of steps for the CAB-IT weekend, Richard says!!!!


Jacqui doing a great job getting the cab ready for CAB-IT.

The lighting system is checked for shorts before being tested again, it hasn't been used for a while.


The new steps getting a coat of paint.

Rockets goes by on the short demonstration track.


The newly re-fitted window and frame back in TC1, nice job guys. LETS JUST HOPE THAT IT WORKS!!!!

Jacqui's newly covered cab floor, great job and well done.

The steps in place ready for CAB-IT.

Thanks to everyone who attend, nice work and see you all next month.

Next workday 19th April 2003

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