Weekend during the 15th June 2002.

During this workday work was started on fixing the broken window latch in PC2s cab.

Work continued on re-seating the roof panels which had been removed on the last workday.

One on the most badly corroded side panels was removed and the sub frame treated with anti-corrosion paint.

Lens new floor in PC is coming along nicely.

Newly painted deadmans pedal on the floor of PC2.

Large side panel removed from PC2 so we can clean and treat the frame.

Note the alternator (front) and matching gas turbine behind.

Work started on cleaning the floor and sub frame, Gas turbine (centre).

In the light of day, one of PC2s Houchin Alternators.

Houchin alternators builders plate.

Tim and Lee clearing out the floor of PC2, loads of rust flakes and rubbish to move.

Putting anti-corrosion paint on the floor of PC2.

The side frame being painted.

Steven working on fixing the broken window latch in the cab of PC2

Thanks to all who attended this workday, now I feel like we are starting to make a difference to the fabric of the vehicles

Next workday 13th July 2002

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