Working Weekend during the 14th October 2000.

During this working day it was decided to refit the new worst leaking window in TC1 V.I.P lounge.

The weather didn't help us in this task with frequent heavy rain hindering our progress.

Although it was originally thought that the windows in TC1 were about ready to fall out, we proved today that this is not the case.  It took us about 2 hours to remove the leaking window.

apt7.jpg (14541 bytes)

E train has been moved out of the museum yard and then back in again to allow access to rolling stock behind it.

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Steve Penny came to help for the first time.  Steve is a regular "Tuesday Nighter" at the NRM.

Thanks Steve for all your help.

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Removal of the window took a lot longer than we thought.

apt12.jpg (13234 bytes)

Just after we had removed the window, down came the rain.

apt2.jpg (20698 bytes)

In order to cut away some of the window sealant, Steve made a cutting tool for the job.

apt16.jpg (14484 bytes)

Steve's makeshift cutting tool,  primitive but effective.   Nice work Steve.

apt17.jpg (18367 bytes)

Tony and Steve cleaning the removed glass window.

apt9.jpg (26709 bytes)

Tony finishing the cleaning job off.

apt3.jpg (12303 bytes)

Steve & Tony waiting for the rain to stop so we could refit the window.

apt5.jpg (14912 bytes)

Its stopped at last.  Me & Steve preparing to get the window fitting underway.

apt14.jpg (13963 bytes)apt15.jpg (11801 bytes)

Steve & Tony checking the seal for leaks.

apt1.jpg (14975 bytes)apt13.jpg (11676 bytes)

The refitted window from inside and out.

apt8.jpg (10906 bytes)

The clouds gather at the end of the day,  but at least another window is repaired.

Next Working day 4th November 2000.