Weekend during the 13th July 2002.

During this workday work continued on PC2s window latch, relaying the cab floor in PC2,

Re-fitting a leaking window in VIP lounge of TC1,  Re-fitting the roof panels on PC2

and painting the sub frame of PC2.

I never knew that E train liked eating people!

New catch fitted to window of PC2, Nice work Steven.

Cleaning the surround of the removed window in the VIP lounge, TC1.

Mr Penny cleaning up the edge of the window glass.

Steven also started work on removing the totally rusty support strut off PC2.

Kit showing Ben the finer points of how the bogies and tilt system and brakes work.

Myself and Mr Penny placing the window back into TC1.

Hey!  It still fits!!!!!

Checking for a good fit.

Mr Penny running the sealant round the inside.

Lee busy painting the sub frames in PC2.

Good days work people, thanks to you all.

Next work has been moved to the 17th August 2002, hope to see you then.

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