Group meeting with NRM on the 12th October 2007.

It has now been more than three years since the last APT-E support group workday and as the group still exists in a suspended state, it was decided a meeting would be called along with the various parts of the NRM.

Myself (Paul Leadley) and Kit (Mr Tilt) Spackman attend with several members of the NRM higher staff, to build an action plan for the safe storage of E train , and what best could be done with her to tell the APT to future generations.

Key point 1.       Condition of the train.

The train is in an unstable condition due to the taper joints not fitting correctly into the bogies.  This means the train is tilted around 2 degrees.  Wood blocks have been used to stop the train tilting over any further, but, these blocks themselves are forcing the none load barring powercar floors up above the bogies, these are going to give way and must be attended to ASAP.  The tilt jacks, when the train arrived at the NRM, were fitted with steel slugs to stop them from moving, these held the train upright with no chance of a hard over failure.  Due to the tapers not fitting correctly, the slugs are not positioned correctly and is allowing the train to tilt.  There is also a knock on effect, because the bulkheads of the trailer cars and the powers are around 2" - 3 " higher than they should be, the joint modules are only held in place via a section of metal around 1/3" thick,  this means that the joint modules could collapse at any time.

                        Agreed action.

As a stop gap, new wood blocks are to be produced and placed along the load barring parts of the powercars and resting on the air spring covers, this will level the powercars and take the weight off the powercar floors.  This is a short term solution so that ..........

PC1 , PC2 , TC1 , TC2  are to be lifted, the tapers aligned correctly and then re-seated.  Anti tilt blocks are to be re-engineered by Kit Spackman  and fitted to all vehicles,  thus stopping any chance of a hard over failure.  Once the vehicles are seated correctly the joint modules will be positioned re-fitted and will not be able to collapse.   This part of the project will be undertaken via NRM, Support group members and the moveright team.

Key point 2    Internal inspection of the train.

Due to stricter health and safety regulations, a new inspection of all parts of APT-E is to take place, before any internal work can be carried out.  

                        Agreed action.

NRM are to contract this work out and a report produced as to any safety issues.  Any issues raised have to be attended to before work can be re-started on the internals of the train.

Key point 3    Re-paint of the train.

Although the new paint job on E train looks very impressive, they did sadly leave masking tape all over the bodywork, sprayed over the side windows (PC2) and over the front cab window on PC1.  All decals have also been sprayed over.

                        Agreed action.

Masking tape to be removed from all parts.  The windows will most likely need some chemical treatment to remove the BR blue which has been sprayed on,  this could be a lengthy task.  NRM staff / and or support group staff to undertake this project.   An experiment with spray curtains and the extractor system running at full power is to take place, to see if spray painting of the decals can be done without effecting the public.  If this isn't viable, transfers will have to be reproduced for all the missing decals.

Key point 4    What about the support groups contribution.

A re-launch of the support in the early part of 2008 was suggested, in conjunction with the Friends of the NRM and the support co-ordinator, Matt Thompson.

                        Agreed action.

Early in 2008 we are planning a re-launch of the support group with a meeting at the NRM York along with members of the FNRM.  Kits famous factual and hilarious lecture about the APT will be preformed in the lecture theatre to get the ball rolling.   Group members, FNRM members will be all welcome.  Dates to be announced.

Key point 5    Plans for the future.

Discussion took place on how best to display APT-E in the future.  Projects that could be achieved in the future are :

Tilt demonstration : - this has been agreed in principle.

TC2 setup for walk through visits,  lights and the original intercom tapes playing over the speaker system.

TC1 (VIP lounge) to be re-fitted along with TC1 (store) setup as a display area, videos/bill boards and so on.

PC2's cab open for access during Cab-it days,

                        Agreed action.

All to be looked into after the train is in a good state of order and fit for display.


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