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Raw Televisions : - Brits Who Made The Modern World.

CHANNEL FIVE Broadcast 27 June 2008

Documentary series looking at the untold stories of British scientific innovations. Peter Snow traces the history of the UK's experimental tilting trains of the 1970s and 80s. The Advanced Passenger Trains were intended to rival France's TGV and Japan's bullet train, but negative press and complaints about motion sickness helped scupper the project before it could get going.

During the May and June the support group where contacted by researchers at Raw Television and asked to be involved in its production about the APT-E.

The group was used to confirm technical specifications, dates, storeys and point them in the direction of any original E train team members.

Which of course, I was only to happy to do.

Its interesting to note that the programme still did not have a name at this time.


Thanks to Rob at APT-P.COM for the above pictures.

As it turned out, the programme has been the only one to give the APT project a good press, so well done Raw.

If you haven't seen this brilliant programme, please click the links below and enjoy.

Brits Who Made The Modern World - Tilting Trains :- Part 1

Brits Who Made The Modern World - Tilting Trains :- Part 2

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