"APT-E" The Western Region Intercom Tapes

"The Brain Porter Collection"

"Photo above taken nearly thirty years after Brain last stepped aboard E train."

Brian was the assistant train supervisor and rode many times in the cab of E train.

He was present in the cab when APT-E set the British Speed Record of 152.3 mph.

Thanks to Brain Porter for rescuing the tapes when the E train programme had been completed.

The four files are original sound recordings made during the 3 Western Region speed runs

in August 1975.

If you can read chapter 5 of "APT A Promise Unfulfilled" and play the recordings

to get the feel of being on the train at 150 mph.

I have reduced the sound quality to enable them to be download over normal modem links.

Files 1 and 2 are in RealPlayer format, files 3 and 4 are Windows Media 9 format.

Get Realplayer at WWW.REAL.COM and Media Player at Microsoft.com

Please Select a file :

File 1:  143.2 mph.  Test Run 1 (731 kbytes)

File 2:  149.8 mph.  Test Run 2 (694 kbytes)

File 3: 147.8 mph  Test Run 3..........(1.7 mg)

File 4:  152.3 mph.  Test Run 4....... (2,8 mg)


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