Cab-It Weekend 13th and 14th January 2007.

Locomotion held a Cab-It event during the weekend of the 13th and 14th January 2007.

Group members, Paul Leadley , Kit Spackman (Mr Tilt) and Steven Penny travelled up to man the cab.

A side show was presented during the day showing a large selection of Kits photographs including captions.

Visitors were able to climb aboard and inspect the cab of PC2 and the engine room.

Ages young and old visited the train and spoke to the staff about the APT.

Two display board were also created and placed along side the train.

APT-E says a very warm welcome back to Martin Collins (HK Brake Head Engineer).

During the day Martin Collins (Head HK brake engineer) travelled up to re-visit APT-E and

step aboard for the first time in over thirty years.

Kit and Martin worked on APT-E together and haven't met since 1978 so a Nuts and Bolts team re-union took place.

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Martin Collins (left) and Kit Spackman (Right) stand proud in front of APT-E


Martin show Kit and Paul another way of stopping E train.

Meeting up for the first time since around 1978.

Kit and Paul during the day.

(Thanks to Rob Latham ( for taking the photo).

Also during the day Rob Latham came to visit so you could say the ultimate APT conservation group were present.

A big thank to Martin for taking the time to visit about talk about the APT to us.

Watch out for Martins section about the HK brakes on this site soon.

Not everything went to plan!!!!

Not all the lights were working in PC2 so Steven decided to see what was wrong and fix them........

He fixed 2 out of the 3 faulty lights and then set about the 3rd in his normal manor,  OH HELP!

He fused the electrical supply to part of Locomotion and they didn't know where the reset switch was.

After about 20 minutes or so, it was located and normal service was resumed, very sorry Anthony.

Thanks to....

Kit Spackman (what would we do without you as always).

Martin Collins, the king of the HK brakes.

Steve, yes you do still get a thanks, Cheers as always mate.


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