The APT-E Conservation & Support Group

in association with

Locomotion, National Railway Museum, Shildon

APT-E Team Re-union 2011

Event date :- 13th August 2011

Time : 011:30am - 4:15pm


Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon is delighted to be working with the APT-E Conservation & Support Group on an event to celebrate several key events in the APT projectís history.

The APT-E, for Advanced Passenger Train Experimental, is on display in the Collection Building at Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon.

British Rails experimental advanced passenger train,  made its first run on July 25, 1972, from Derby to Duffield.

On August 10, 1975, it achieved a new British railway speed record, hitting 152.3 mph , a record that still stands as the fastest non-electric train.

 2011 therefore sees the 36th anniversary since the speed record; 40 years since the first trial run of POP train, the first tilting test vehicle, and 35 years since the train was delivered to the National Railway Museum in York.

 Managerial, design and workshop staff from the original APT project will be gathering at Locomotion on Saturday August 13, 2011.

The men behind the APT-E project, Dr Alan Wickens and Mike Newman will be just some of the origional team members attending the event.

They will be joined by volunteers from the APT-E Conservation & Support Group who are currently working hard on the cosmetic restoration of the train, ensuring that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by museum visitors into the future.

The event will include several presentations ,  including one covering the history of the train from 1976 to 2011, the trains preservation years.

This is an opportunity to celebrate this innovative engineering masterpiece!

Basic event schedule :- (Maybe changed / expanded)

1.  Meet up at Locomotion 11:30am in the collections building, (Outside E train)

Tea and coffee upon arrival.

2.  Go into the presentation lounge for an APT-E support group introduction and presentation showing the work already carried out on the train since 1976, and future plans.

Lunch to be served.

3.  Team slip into groups to rotate visit the following

Visit the newly re-furbished VIP lounge and watch the E train record run experience, view photo boards along side PC2.

Visit PC2 cab and engine room.

View E for Experimental in presentation area.

 In VIP or presentation lounge, open discussion on the future of E train, what would the team like to see. (Open to public for Q & A if nobody minds).

Team address by Alan Wickens.

Close of Day with Kit/myself and the team thanking everyone.

Team members attending at present are : -

Current list correct as of 09:52 pm 9th August 2011.

Alastair Gilchrist
Derek Brown
Roger Gawthorpe
Bob Illingworth
Brian King
Barrie May
Mike Newman
Maurice Pollard
Terry Pearce
Roy Pooley
Brian Porter
Kit Spackman
Alan Wickens
Martin Collins
Allan Goodley  
Doug Dickens
Pat Rigby
Larry Shore
Gerry Bates

David Halfpenny

Jeffery Prince

Ian Scrimshaw

David Fern

Geoff Critchlow

David Vince

Barry Winchurch

Ruth Boocock (Im place of David Boocock)

Barrie Worthington

Steve Rice


Possibles are :-

George Tomlinson


Still to confirm are :-

Ken Richards

John Palmer

Ray Dolley

Roy Tildesley

Hugh Williams


How to find us

APT-E is located in the collections building

location 8 on the map.

If anyone has any questions about the event or information about the any other team members who may wish to attend

please email me at PAUL@APT-E.ORG

I look forward to meeting you all, and I hope you enjoy the day and chance to meet up again.