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News of APT-E.

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Locomotion :- The National Railway Museum at Shildon

APT-E is now housed in the NRM's 6 million pound out centre at Shildon.

Now that E train in safe from the weather, she now can be cared for and displayed in a fitting manor.

Friends of the National Railway Museum articles.

FNRM Article Spring 2000

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FNRM Article Summer 2000

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The Rail Magazine, October 2000

Section of article by Camilla Harrison, NRM Press Officer.

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FNRM Article Autumn 2000 and Magazine Cover.

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FNRM Article about APT-E & the Support Group.

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FNRM Winter  2000/2001

FNRM Spring  2001

FNRM Summer  2001

FNRM Spring 2002

FNRM Summer 2002

FNRM Review :- Winter 2002/2003 News letter.