The Big Move Starts.

APT-E Starts Her Move To Shildon.

The move started on the 7th of September 2004.

TC2 (Trailer Car 2) is the first to make the journey to Shildon, a distance of 62 miles.

TC2 is moved from the North Yard to the Main Car Park, she derailed several times due to the small wheels on the

dollies and also she was mounted too high.

After the problems with moving TC2, Kit Spackman and myself are called in to assist with the train move.

"Click on an image for a larger version."

She is sat too high to do under Leeman Road bridge, so she is taken off her handling dollies.

Now she is ready to start the journey North, but its still going be tight under the bridge.


A brilliant job done by Andrew Goodman and his team, FANTASTIC.

The VIDEO files

Here is a 10 meg download of all the video clips I took during TC2's move.

Clip is 4 minutes long, click image to play or right click and download.

If you wish is view the clips as separates, please download from below.

Clip 1 , Clip 2 , Clip 3 , Clip 4 , Clip 5 , Clip 6

Clip 7 , Clip 8 , Clip 9 , Clip 10 , Clip 11 , Clip 12


Work Starts on PC1 , TC1 and PC2.

E Train is moved to allow us to start the disassembly of her.

PC1 standing proud with her new paint job.

Floors removed between in joint modules so they can be removed.

The module floors removed.

Looking across the gap from TC1 - PC1.

Tail cover removed from PC1, to allow a dollie to be located under the body.

Kit working on the pipe work with the tail panels removed.   (Both sides removed for access).

Both tail panels removed.

PC2 with her new paint job.


APT-E should be moving late next week after being split.

"There should be a first in the history of APT-E!!!!"

Watch this space for updates.


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