APT-E Move to Shildon  :-  The Final Phase.

During several weekends in October - November the rest of E train was moved from the NRM to Thrall Europas yard

And then taken via low loader to Shildon.

PC1 and PC2 where pin jointed together, a first for E train, and then moved via rail to Thralls yard.

Myself, Kit and Tim took the chance of getting a cab ride for E trains last move.

Click a photo for a larger version.

Pin jointed PC1 - PC2

E trains says bye bye to the NRM.


PC 1 ready to leave Thrall.

PC1 on the road.

PC1 arrival at Shildon.


Grabbing a quick coffee at Shildon.  PC1 in the background.

PC2 leaving Thrall.


The rebuild of E train at Shildon.  Note the tilt on TC2.

On Display at Shildon.

Home at last,  FANTASTIC.

Thanks to Andrew Goodman and his team for all there work.

My biggest thanks goes to "Mr Tilt Spackman", whom without all his knowledge, the move wouldn't have happened.

Video Clips of the move.

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APT-E Move to Shildon (Low) 4.5 Meg

APT-E Move to Shildon (Medium) 10 Meg

APT-E Move to Shildon (High) 22 Meg

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