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The man who put the tilt in BR from 1971 - 1978.

During the development of APT, Kit was the driving force behind E trains tilting system.

His enthusiasm and drive towards the APT project is still as strong today as it was then.

Affectionately known to fellow engineers and the support group as "MR TILT".

Whilst working on POP, E train and the development of the P train tilting system Kit took many photographs and thus got an insiders view as to the trials and tribulations of the APT project.

This collection of photographs are Kits vivid records of the APT project days during the 1970's

All material is the copyright of Kit Spackman

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Material taken during the construction of APT-E and the trails of POP train.

Material taken during the trails of APT-E.

APT / POP from the inside during trials.

Includes, photos of the staff of E Train.

Kit Spackman travels on the first APT-P public run.

December 1981.

End of the line for APT-E

E train arrives at the National Railway Museum for display.

New for April 2010.

On March 19th 2010, Kit presented his factual and hysterical lecture about his time working on the APT-E.

The lecture contains information from early APT tests, up to present day, working as part of the APT-E Support Group.

The lecture lasts for 2hrs and is well worth a watch and listen.

File size is 722mb is its pretty big.

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    Video file is in Windows Media Format.

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