APT-E  V1.5a for Microsoft Train Simulator.

(C) P.A.LEADLEY 2002

Instructions :

Right mouse click this link and select "SAVE AS".     Size = 1.04 Mb

Unzip the files into a directory called "APT-E" and place in X:\TRAIN SIMULATOR\TRAINS\TRAINSET\

X = Drive on which MSTS is installed.

Copy the Acela "Cab view" & "Sound" directories into the APT-E directory.

Move the file "APT-E Four Car.con" into the MSTS consists directory.

Load MSTS and enjoy.

Note to users of the model.

Please "DO NOT" alter this model in "ANY" shape or form

without permission from P.Leadley



If anyone wishes to make a newer better model, please contact me and I will supply anything you require.

If any wishes to make a Photo real cab,  I can also supply any photos required.



Robin Grey for his interest and for spurring me on to get this project done.

David Babb, (Buffy500) of APT-P model fame for all his help with the bogies.

Rob Latham for his encouragements with the project.

All of the APT-E support team for putting up with me over the last two years.


Download APT-E V1.5a  (Click the APT-E)

(C) P.A.LEADLEY 2002