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Visit to The Railway Age at Crewe

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On Thursday the 1st April 1999,   I travelled down to see the only remaining APT-P unit left in existence.    The train is now a static exhibit at The Railway Age in Crewe.     In the early eighties I travelled on one of the proving runs from Euston to Glasgow and back and as I was a lot younger then there were many aspects of the train that I couldn't remember so I set off to remind myself of all those years ago.

The remaining unit of 5 coaches and one power car sits alongside the West Coast Mainline which was once the trains main hunting ground.     The train is now cared for by a small group of museum staff who are all trying to keep this little but very important part of our railway history intact and in working order.

While visiting The Railway Age I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Latham who looks after the train and who also produces the APT-P Support Team Website which covers all aspects of the APT-P train storey and also covers how the dedicated support team are preserving the only remaining units.    If you have not visited this fascinating working museum I can definitely recommend it as it contains not only the APT-P but a host of other locomotives and rolling stock and displays.

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All my thanks must go to the staff at The Railway Age for there warm welcome during my visit,  and especially    Rob Latham for allowing me into the parts of the train out of bounds to the general public and his support during the making of this website.   Thanks also must go to Robs Mother for her hospitality,  (you make the best cup of coffee south of York),  many many thanks.

If you have not visited Rob's Website then click the banner below for a fascinating insight into the APT-P at        The Railway Age,  Crewe.

Paul's Railway Web wishes THE RAILWAY AGE all the success now and in the future.

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Click Here to visit Rob Latham's APT-P Support Team Website.

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